We the Vigilant is a populist, anti-New World Order alternative media outlet providing daily reports on geopolitical events through the lenses of constitutional conservatism.  We write about geopolitical issues, economic issues, social issues and more.

Our website promotes traditional Christian principles, sovereignty, free speech, the nuclear family, individual liberty and the Constitution while opposing globalism and the Agenda 21 plan for world government.  We stand against cultural Marxism, feminism, “social justice”, political correctness and other anti-American social engineering programs designed to divide and conquer the population.

We the Vigilant has been featured on Infowars, Red Flag News, Mountain Republic, Patriot Newswire, various blogs and other independent media outlets.

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Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey.  He is a citizen journalist who is dedicated to fighting back against radical Marxist “Social Justice Warriors” and globalists.  In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

Alysha Fox grew up in Southern California. She has a passion for health, nutrition, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Her specialty is analyzing society trends and exposing the corruption in the health, nutrition and education system in America. Currently she studies Holistic Health and Entrepreneurship. She hopes to influence people to take control of their own health, fiances and education.

Bryan Anderson was born and raised in South Carolina.  Anderson is a Navy veteran, pastor and proud father of three who is also a member of local veterans advocacy groups.  He is a huge fan of Matt Drudge, the conservative news icon who Anderson believes is the most influential personality in media.

Michael Vincent is an anti-establishment infowarrior.  He has made it his personal mission to wake up as many people possible to the New World Order system of enslavement.  He supports Donald Trump, Ron Paul, Nigel Farage and other anti-globalist patriots.  Vincent’s posts are also available on his personal Facebook page.

Amendment Avenger is an award-winning Navy veteran who served his country for two decades. He is an ordained minister, contributor at the Radio Show EARTH (, historian, constitutionalist and former Active Duty Military and Veteran’s Liaison at the Florida State OATHKEEPERS.

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