Top FBI Lawyer Under Investigation for Leaking Classified Info to the Media

Deep state under fire as it continues its war on Trump.


FBI General Counsel James. A Baker is reportedly under investigation by the Department of Justice for leaking classified information to the corporate media according to a report by Circa’s Sara Carter published on 7/26.

The bureau did not release a statement on the purported criminal investigation.

Three sources, with knowledge of the apparent investigation, told Circa that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing leak investigation, but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what national security information or material was allegedly leaked.

A federal law enforcement official with knowledge of ongoing internal investigations in the bureau told Circa, “the bureau is scouring for leakers and there’s been a lot of investigations.”

The revelation comes as the Trump administration has ramped up efforts to contain leaks both within the White House and within its own national security apparatus.

Baker is a close confidant of former FBI Director James Comey, and recent media reports suggested he was reportedly advising the then-FBI director on legal matters following private meetings the former director had in February with President Trump in the Oval Office. Circa

Former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by President Trump in May, appointed Baker as general counsel in 2014.

The deep state war on Trump will likely continue to intensify despite this latest investigation into criminal leaks. As it stands, powerful figures within the shadow government will stop at nothing to derail the president’s nationalistic agenda – even if it results in a violent coup against his administration.

The leaks emanating from the intelligence community have been weaponized to destroy Trump and stymie his effort to restore American sovereignty.


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