‘The Maverick’ Podcast #103 – Breaking News Roundup

Podcast on the censorship of top libertarian, Trump vs the establishment and more.


This week on The Maverick Podcast, host Benjamin Knight will cover the latest big breaking news on the following:

-Trump officially reverses the globalist/neocon nation building agenda.

-Lauren Southern gets banned from Patreon for being a libertarian.

-The Clinton body count grows even longer.

-Rand Paul is happy with President Trump.

-The deep state is going after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, along with President Trump’s business ventures, in an effort to promote their fake Russian conspiracy.

-Scientific proof children need to be raised by a father and mother.

-Another homosexual wedding/religious liberty conflict, this time involving flowers.

And more!

It’s a HIGH ENERGY show as usual, check it out below:

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