Nets Hype ‘Another Russia Controversy’ Over Trump’s ‘Startling’ Chat With Putin

Courtesy of Newsbusters. 

trump putin

“Too cozy,” “controversy,” “striking,” “crisis,” “startling,” those were just some of the hyperbolic terms thrown around on Wednesday’s network morning shows as hosts and correspondents panicked over news that President Trump had a casual after-dinner conversation with Vladimir Putin surrounded by dozens of other world leaders at the G20 Summit earlier this month.

The Today show led the way in promoting the media hysteria, devoting over seven minutes of air time to the topic. Co-host Savannah Guthrie opened the show by proclaiming: “Breaking overnight, too cozy for comfort? News that the President had a second encounter with Russian president Vladimir Putin….So what was discussed and why did the White House seem to keep it under wraps?”


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