Clinton Body Count Piling Up in Close Succession: Haitian Official Scheduled to Testify Against Clinton Corruption Found Dead of Gunshot to Head

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Only a few days ago, we filed a report regarding how an investigative journalist who had been tracking down the now infamous missing and deleted Clinton emails, had been found dead in a Rochester Hotel Room under highly unusual circumstances.

Now, we’ve received news of yet another death of a whistleblower, in close succession,  this time, one who was slated to testify against the Clintons and their foundation in a hearing scheduled for Tuesday,  July 18th, over funds which had been stolen from the Haitian relief effort, allegedly by the Clinton Foundation.

The dead man’s name is Klaus Eberwein, and he was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head, in Miami.

Eberwein was an economic official from the Haiti government who was planning to testify against the Clintons on behalf of both his knowledge and experiences concerning severe corruption associated with the  Clinton Foundation, whose exploitive criminal practices have embroiled Hillary Clinton in a firestorm of questions, over the past several years.

Eberwein referred to the Clinton Foundation as “Criminals and Thieves” during a protest held against the Clinton’s in Manhatten, in 2016.

Eberwein was reportedly quoted among friends “as fearing for his life” due ostensibly  to the number of individuals who have been assassinated or died under mysterious circumstances when clashing with the Clintons, over what could ultimately prove ato be very damaging information to their still relatively  viable political machine.

So far, details are sketchy regarding Eberwein’s untimely death, however, Miami officials have ruled Eberwein’s seemingly deliberate loss of life as a suicide, which, for reasons fairly obvious, has become a fairly routine thing, when deceased individuals are associated with the Clinton’s, even when many of the instances of death, for Clinton associates and opponents, have, in fact, been anything but.

Only a week or so earlier, we had also reported on another death concerning an opponent of the Clintons, who may have held damaging information.

Another Clinton-related death in Close Succession

The other recent Suicide Death” was Republican political operative Peter W. Smith who had been interviewed concerning Hillary’s missing emails by the Wall Street Journal, only about 10 days before Smith was found dead in a hotel room.

Mr. Smith’s death was noted as “unusual” by attending funeral home officials while a suicide note found in Smith’s Rochester hotel room also offered a rather odd cut-and-dried conclusion for authorities, which, rather kindly, even included a dedicated motive stating that there was:


His suicide note further indicated that the reason he was taking his own life was due to a “RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017” in addition to a personal quandary  related “TO LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Smith, a financier by trade, had conducted a series of interviews with the media giant in an effort to explain how he had put together a team of investigators over the 2016 Labor Day weekend, dedicated to acquiring the missing emails from several groups of Russian hackers, who had supposedly swiped the emails from Clinton’s unsecured server.

On a more bizarre note, the initial details concerning both the cause and location of Mr. Smith’s death had been shrouded in mystery, which rings as not a little odd, based on the man’s political standing and position within the community.

Smith had been targeting Democrat Bill Clinton and wife for years, according to numerous accounts and publications, which have led many to surmise, on Smith’s demise, that the well-documented ring of death  surrounding Clinton opponents, may have, in fact, found a new victim to add to the now infamous “Clinton Dead Pool.”

Other recent deaths include:

Shawn Lucas who, just before his death in 2016, had served the DNC in July with a complaint and court summons regarding a fraud action on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters.

Investigative Author Victor Thorn who had a written a series of disparaging books about the Clintons and their crimes.

His body was found on a mountaintop, near his home.

The cause of Thorn’s death was a single bullet wound to the head and was officially ruled a suicide, although shortly before his death, Thorn made the point of stating that he would never commit suicide–the statement ostensibly– was made due to his intimate knowledge of how the Clinton machine operates.

Seth Rich

Rich, one of the most famous in the string of deaths, was a Democrat operative who Wikileaks has identified as the unofficial source of hacked DNC email leaks. Rich was killed near his home in a posh DC neighborhood.

His cause of death was as a result of gunshot wounds to his back, however, the official ruling indicated robbery as a possible motive, despite the fact that all of Rich’s property was found on his person.

 For an extensive list of possible victims, please click on the below story link.

The Dead Pool: As Body Count Rises Hillary Clinton Transforming into Deadly Gorgon of US Politics

The rest of this seemingly never-ending story comes to us from the Chicago Tribune:

“Smith was found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached. A medical examiner’s report gives the same account, without specifying the time, and a report from Rochester police further details his suicide.

One of Smith’s former employees told the Tribune he thought the elderly man had gone to the famed clinic to be treated for a heart condition. Mayo spokeswoman Ginger Plumbo said Thursday she could not confirm Smith had been a patient, citing medical privacy laws.

Smith told the Journal he worked independently and was not part of the Trump campaign. He also told the Journal he and his team found five groups of hackers — two of them Russian groups — who claimed to have Clinton’s missing emails.

Smith had a history of doing opposition research, the formal term for unflattering information that political operatives dig up about rival candidates.

For years, Democratic President Bill Clinton was Smith’s target. The wealthy businessman had a hand in exposing the “Troopergate” allegations about Bill Clinton’s sex life. And he discussed financing a probe of a 1969 trip Bill Clinton had taken while in college to the Soviet Union, according to Salon magazine.

Investigations into any possible links between the Russian government and people associated with Trump’s presidential campaign now are underway in Congress and by former FBI chief Robert Mueller. He is acting as a special counsel for the Department of Justice. Mueller spokesman Peter Carr declined to comment on the Journal’s stories on Smith or his death. Washington attorney Robert Kelner, who represents Flynn, had no comment on Thursday.

Smith’s death occurred at the Aspen Suites in Rochester, records show. They list the cause of death as “asphyxiation due to the displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium.”

Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson on Wednesday called his manner of death “unusual,” but a funeral home worker said he’d seen it before…..

An employee with Rochester Cremation Services, the funeral home that responded to the hotel, said he helped remove Smith’s body from his room and recalled seeing a tank.

The employee, who spoke on the condition he not be identified because of the sensitive nature of Smith’s death, described the tank as being similar in size to a propane tank on a gas grill. He did not recall seeing a bag that Smith would have placed over his head. He said the coroner and police were there and that he “didn’t do a lot of looking around.”

“When I got there and saw the tank, I thought, ‘I’ve seen this before,’ and was able to put two and two together,” the employee said.

An autopsy was conducted, according to the death record. The Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office declined a Tribune request for the autopsy report and released limited information about Smith’s death”….

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