Financial Expert Robert Kiyosaki on Trump: “He’s a Fantastic Man”

Kiyosaki praises Trump, issues a warning for the president.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki sat down with reporter Millie Weaver following the “Red Pill” Expo in Montana for an interview posted on 6/30 about President Trump, education and more.

Kiyosaki began by pointing out America’s biggest problem, a lack of financial education.

“Most people haven’t learned about money in school,” he said. “Our problem is our leaders have no financial education, that’s why we’re going broke.”

“They’re a bunch of crooks.”

In response to a question on student debt, the financial expert explained the difference between “good” debt and “bad” debt.

“Good debt is debt that makes you richer,” he said. “Bad debt is debt that makes you poor. If a kid goes into school to take out student loans and then they don’t graduate, that’s when the student loan becomes an albatross around their neck.”

Kiyosaki blamed the popularity of communist group-think on Marxist indoctrination within America’s schools and colleges, along with the fact people generally don’t truly understand the ramifications of their political worldview.

When asked about Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White house, the millionaire businessman referred to the president as a “fantastic man” who is a strong leader.

“He and I wrote two books together,” Kiyosaki revealed. “Look at the man through his children. His children are magnificent.”

The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author then expounded on why he thought the president was adept at leading America.

“He went to NATO and he said to NATO, ‘pay up, you guys are not paying your bills.’ ┬áThen he went to Saudi Arabia and said ‘lets kick ISIS’ butt,’ that’s the kind of leader he is, but the media doesn’t report on that.”

Kiyosaki ended the interview with a warning for the Trump administration concerning the deep state Russian narrative.

“They’ll find something,” he cautioned.

“My concern for my friend the president is they’ll find something. It doesn’t make a difference what they find, they will find something.”

Kiyosaki was one of the many patriot speakers at the Montana “Red Pill” Expo. Watch his presentation below:


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