Sean Hannity Defends Alex Jones on Twitter

Hannity calls on NBC to release their full interview with Jones.


Sean Hannity called on Infowars founder Alex Jones and NBC News to release the full Megyn Kelly interview that was heavily edited by NBC to depict Jones as a monster.

Hannity, a victim of fake news outlets editing his words to promote a false narrative, believes the people should decide for themselves what to think about Jones:

The Fox News host went on to say that it’s only fair for NBC to release the full interview to see if the truth has been distorted:

Despite promising to keep the interview from devolving into a “gotcha” contest, Kelly exploited her one-on-one time with Jones to attack the Infowars honcho and misrepresent his views on a number of issues.

This isn’t the first time Hannity has defended Infowars.

In the weeks preceding the election, then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton branded Jones as an “alt-right” promoter of fake news with a “dark heart.”  The Fox News host responded by questioning Crooked Hillary’s understanding of the the “alt-right” term and the First Amendment:

“She’s out there accusing, what, Alex Jones? Really, she doesn’t believe in freedom of speech? What did Alex Jones say that’s so ‘alt-right?’” Hannity asked on his radio show.



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