‘The Maverick’ #98: Civil War in America w/ Alt Wave Media Journalist Jeremy Nolt

Podcast covering George Soros-funded Democratic party terrorists trying to spark civil war in America + news on Trump’s next Supreme Court pick and more.


Courtesy of We Are Change

This week it’s a HIGH ENERGY edition of “The Maverick” Podcast featuring the latest breaking news on the Scalise shooting, Trump’s latest Supreme court pick and more.  Alt Wave Media journalist Jeremy Nolt joins host Benjamin Knight for an hour-long discussion on the following:

— Democratic party terrorism: The latest on the attempted assassination of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise.

— George Soros’ push for a civil war in America.

— The fake media exploiting the Scalise shooting to promote gun control.

— Anti-Sharia protests nationwide crashed by ANTIFA.

— The left’s unholy alliance with Islam.

— Big breaking news on President Trump’s latest Supreme Court appointment.

— Bilderberg 2017 fallout.

— The pros and cons of Trump’s presidency thus far.

— Will the Russia narrative ever end?


It’s a tremendous show as always, check it out below:

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