Special Counsel Investigating Trump For “Obstruction of Justice,” but Not Lynch

Comey testimony sparks Mueller probe on Trump despite Obama AG Loretta Lynch blatantly interfering in Clinton email investigation.  


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(Alt Wave Media) Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether or not President Trump “obstructed justice” by confiding in FBI Director James Comey in a private conversation that he “hoped” he’d let Gen. Michael Flynn go because he’s a “good guy.”


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  1. What we are seeing with SC Frank Mueller is the making of a Kangaroo Court…He has placed 4 Clinton Attorney’s as members…One of which is an attorney for the Clinton foundation…What does that tell us…As far as obstruction of justice goes…How can Trump be charged for obstruction of justice when the whole narrative about collusion with the Russians does not exist…It’s a made up story which has sprouted tentacles like an Octopus searching for his dinner…There will be no end to these investigations simply because the Democrats…the liberal MSM…and the “deep” state shadow government do not want these investigations to end until they find some ridiculous reason to take down Trump…Either by impeachment or by an assassin…They would prefer the latter…This whole “collusion” spin thingy by the Democrats and the MSM gets dumber and dumber with each passing day…These Kangaroo Courts are a very dangerous trend if we want to make America great again…with respect for the presidency…these “fake” investigation looking for the Russian made needle in the haystack needs to “stop” now.

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