Socialist-Democrat Shooter of Republicans James T. Hodgkinson Dead From Gunshot Wounds: Cynics Respond

The shooter at the GOP ball practice, who wounded several individuals, has died.  

Meanwhile, as reports pour in regarding who the shooter was & what he did in life, several facts, along with extreme bits of sarcasm, from the political gallery, have emerged.
Especially funny were remarks left on the dead gunman’s, now defunct, internet advertising page which was listed as “JTH Home Inspections.”
The most recent:
“so, I called him to drain the swamp in Washington but he ended scaring up some old dudes playing baseball, 2/5 would not call again”complaints
The below posting from Hodgkinson’s Facebook page seemed to tell the other side of the story as to the man’s work-life, which seemed to show a significant downturn in that Hodgkinson, for reasons as of yet unknown, left the company bearing his initials on News Year’s Eve, 2016.
As to the deceased man’s politics, he appeared to be a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Trump and disliked Hillary Clinton.

His Facebook page featured Bernie Sanders at the top while espousing the overall political sentiments of the media, itself, by and large, that wrongfully  being that Democrat Socialism could be explained in three words “We The People.”
More tellingly, the first range of denials has already come in, regarding the often insane and reprehensible hate which has replaced discussion and debate on the mainstream mass and social media (what with decapitated presidents, and theatrical plays emulating the slaying of Trump)  and its grounded in mass-deception.
Maybe the media, after this attack which can be laid squarely at their feet, will eventually take a more critical look at itself, and the fact that its extreme bouts of Deep State-directed activism, rooted in rage, has taken the place of what was once honorable political discourse.
Nah, I doubt it, but we can all be glad there was no loss, at least, of any truly valuable life…..

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Barry Secrest
A native of the Charlotte area, Barry Secrest is the owner of two successful ventures, one in business and the other in media: Carolina Industrial Agency and Conservative Refocus. He has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Barry is also the author of the book "A Perfect Liberal Storm" which was released in late July of 2010.

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  1. Thanks for the report, Mr. Secrest. I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing Anything our MSM puts out these days. Whether it is ‘real’ or ‘staged’ the result is the same; another reason to hate another group of people. Our ‘news media journalists’ are firmly in the hands of Domestic News Terrorists. Fear – War – Terrorism – are the ‘by words’ for the world’s press machine today. “Truthfulness” and “Ethics” do not exist within the realms of journalism, in this era.

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