Satan’s Counterfeit Government

Proof satan’s New World Order is nothing more than a counterfeit that will be crushed by Christ.

Satan’s global government system will be easily dismantled by the returning Jesus Christ.  In this week’s Bible Study, We the Vigilant’s Ben Knight will prove that the devil’s antichrist, “Mark of the Beast,” cultural degeneracy and more is a counterfeit to everything God stands for.


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  1. Benjamin, This report on the Counterfeit world of Satan, ie: LIES, reminds me of all the lies that “We the People” are being pressured to believe by our own government (s). This Satanic spirit has, of course, been in our Universe since he and his followers rejected God and his evil spirit has been on Earth since the “Fall” in the Garden of Eden. This Spirit of Satan (SS) can be clearly seen by the looking at the laws that have been enacted to thwart the freedoms, family values, health, and domestic safety in the ‘Western’ world.

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