NY Times Sponsors Play Depicting Assassination of President Trump

Globalist media desensitizing public presidential assassination.


The New York Times is endorsing a play depicting the assassination of President Trump by sponsoring the New York Public Theater, which is responsible for the vehemently anti-Trump “Shakespeare in the Park.”

The theater recently lost a slew of major sponsors.

In the play, an actor who resembles the president gets stabbed to death by minorities and women next to an American flag. The character on the receiving end of the attack is described by the Public Theater website as a “magnetic, populist, irreverent,” who “seems bent on absolute power.”

The NY Times defended the mock assassination in their review of “Shakespeare in the Park.”

“Even a cursory reading of the play, the kind that many American teenagers give it in high school, is enough to show that it does not advocate assassination,” Jesse Green writes. “Shakespeare portrays the killing of Caesar by seven of his fellow senators as an unmitigated disaster for Rome, no matter how patriotic the intentions.”

Green went on to praise the Trump murder scene as “terrifically staged.”

This isn’t the first time the fake corporate media promoted a presidential assassination.

In March, the Washington Post defended Snoop Dogg after the rapper produced a music video in which the president gets shot in the head and ex-CNN contributor Kathy Griffin recently posed with the severed head of the president in an ISIS-style photo shoot.

Last year, CNN gleefully interviewed a man who ran towards then presidential candidate Trump at a rally with the clear intention of attacking him.









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