Top MIT Climate Scientist, 97% Consensus Claim is ‘Propaganda’

Climate scientist exposes globalist propaganda.


Ben Knight editor’s note: The man-made “climate change” myth is a fraud aimed at promoting the New World Order’s forced wealth redistribution agenda. It’s nothing more than a pretext for elites to meet at “climate summits” to impliment a global carbon tax, which would pave the way for their corporate world government.

“Global warming” advocates often claim there’s a 97% consensus on the issue within the scientific community.  The problem is, that’s not true.  Read more below:

(Daily Caller) Dr. Richard Lindzen is sick and tired of the media repeating the so-called “97 percent consensus” statistic to show just how strong the global warming agreement is among climate scientists. It’s purely “propaganda,” argues Lindzen.

“It was the narrative from the beginning,” Lindzen, a climatologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), told RealClear Radio Hour host Bill Frezza Friday. “In 1998, [NASA’s James] Hansen made some vague remarks. Newsweek ran a cover that says all scientists agree. Now they never really tell you what they agree on.”

“It is propaganda,” Lindzen said. “So all scientists agree it’s probably warmer now than it was at the end of the Little Ice Age. Almost all Scientists agree that if you add CO2, you will have some warming. Maybe very little warming.”

“But it is propaganda to translate that into it is dangerous and we must reduce CO2,” he added.


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