‘The Maverick’ #96: Fighting Back Against Leftist Fascism w/ ‘Sustainable Life’ Mark

Podcast on leftist “celebrities” threatening Trump’s life, attack on Hannity for questioning Seth Rich story and more.

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This week on “The Maverick,” host Benjamin Knight is joined by monthly contributor Sustainable Life Mark for a review of the biggest breaking news stories of the last 30 days.  Listen for a HIGH ENERGY podcast on the following stories:

—> Failed “comedian” Kathy Griffin threatens President Trump’s life in an ISIS-inspired photo shoot.

—> Leftist fascists attempt to pull Sean Hannity off the air for questioning the official story regarding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was shot in the back by a “robber” who stole nothing.

—> The Manchester terror attack and the Islamization of Europe.

—> New revelations on the Obama administration spying on the former president’s political opposition.

—> Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself for losing election 2016.

—> The left’s unholy alliance with Islam.

And more!

It’s an informative show as always, check it out below:

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