‘The Maverick’ Podcast #93: Trump Declares War on the Deep State

Podcast on Trump firing Comey and the left’s schizophrenic response, how “liberal” comedians brainwash the masses and more. —>


‘The Maverick’ is We the Vigilant’s official podcast!  This week, host Benjamin Knight covers the following:

—>Big breaking news on the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

—>Leftists freaking out over the firing of Comey after calling for his resignation themselves.

—>Whether or not the Clinton crime family will now be prosecuted.

—>Rumors on Sean Spicer being replaced by a Fox News host.

—>How leftist “comedians” brainwash the masses.

—>Why claims that Trump is covering up ties to Russia are completely nonsensical.

And more!

It’s a high energy show as usual so check it out below and don’t forget to SHARE this podcast on social media:

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