Video: Globalist Macron Walks Out to E.U. National Anthem After Win

The New World Order takeover of France is complete. —>

Globalist Rothschild Agent Emmanuel Macron walked out to the European Union “national anthem” as opposed to the French anthem for his victory speech following his election win against nationalistic patriot Marine Le Pen.

Macron, who threatened Poland with sanctions for refusing to open its borders to radical Islamists, is an open borders advocate and unabashed proponent of global governance.  His election win over Le Pen could signal the end of France and the beginning of a new Islamic caliphate at the heart of Europe.

Paris tourism has declined sharply as of late, France is currently under a state of emergency and Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East continue to ravage the once thriving nation.  At this point, there’s no end in sight.

Watch the video below:


EMMANUEL Macron neglected his own nation’s musical emblem as he walked out to deliver his victory speech, instead heralding his victory with the EU’s Anthem of Europe.

In the past French politicians have announced their victory to the sound of La Marseillaise, which has stood as their anthem for hundreds of years.

But Mr Macron, who has gained support from major European figures including Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel, instead blasted the anthem of Europe ‘Ode to Joy’ from the speakers as he waved to adoring crowds of voters outside the Louvre museum.

The show of allegiance with the faltering European project was condemned by the losing Front National, who have fought to remove France from the crumbling European bloc.

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