John Kerry Slams “Trump Wall” Asserting “Borderless World” Despite US-Funded Border Wall in Tunisia

Kerry  went on to assert that “no wall is big enough to keep dangerous terrorists out of the United States.” —>

Failed, on virtually every US foreign policy front, US Secretary of Stated John Kerry, in a commencement address at Northeastern University on Friday, broke with long-standing US political tradition and inserted an outrageously feckless US State Department into the 2016 political election by denouncing and even insulting GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Kerry falsely indicated, in his address to a slew of young graduates, that the racial diversity of the graduating class, “represents Donald Trump’s worst nightmare”

Kerry  went on to assert that “no wall is big enough to keep dangerous terrorists out of the United States.” while also indicating, falsely, that “we live in a borderless world” even as the Obama government has hastily funded a border wall in Tunisia, to the tune of up to $ 25 million, with US taxpayer money, in order to keep Islamic terrorists (that don’t exist to Obama) out.


Moreover, the overrunning of both the US and European borders, by refugees and migrants, is occurring only because most western nations have been manipulated into ignoring their own borders at the behest of both the UN and the powerful agents of Globalism.

These are the same operatives who’ve been angling for a centralized world government that will (theoretically) put a halt to world upheaval by redistributing 1st-world (American & European) wealth into 2nd and 3rd-world nations.


US Building “Trump” Border Wall in Tunisia: Obama Funding $ 25 Million for Libyan-Jihadist Barrier (Youtube)

The terrorists and otherwise, have,  in fact, been herded into the  western world by none other than the policies of world government operatives  bent on multi-cultural mayhem contrived to roil populations, endlessly.

All of this, in essence, while diluting and even efforting destruction of the prevailing cultures of the western world, in favor of a new global culture modeled upon a UN-mandated sustainability agenda, which can be found in both UN Agendas-21 and 30.

The ultimate goal is the launching of a world government that’s so large and so insulated from the people that it governs, that tyranny can ( and eventually will ) reign supreme against all who disagree.


Kerry, in his address, in fact, witlessly confirmed Obama’s lawless US policy of disallowing and even breaking US border laws repeatedly while espousing an ‘open borders’ federal stance in keeping with George Soros-sponsored president, Obama, which, by the way, includes  Soros-backed Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The open borders agenda, within the US. has allowed both terrorists and illegal alien repeat- felons to slip into America and sew both mayhem, criminal madness, and known ISIS terrorist cells fully, across the nation while promising only more, in the near & distant future.

These explicit facts are the essential reason why the US Border Patrol has, for the first time in Border Patrol history, backed & endorsed Donald Trump, for President.


However, the US state Department’s not the only powerful political apparatus espousing open borders.

The GOP Establishment’s Koch Brothers, the UN, and of course, the establishment GOP, itself, along with the Globalists across both Europe and the planet, are all pushing a one-world borderless agenda.  This is that same agenda that has also been endorsed by Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch, most Hollywood celebrities, a preponderance of world leaders, the US Democrat Party, and even the US Chamber of Commerce, in addition to thousands of large corporations.

“Many of you were in elementary school when you learned the toughest lesson of all on 9/11,” he said. “There are no walls big enough to stop people from anywhere, tens of thousands of miles away, who are determined to take their own lives while they target others.”

Kerry, of course, leaves out both the fact that operatives within the Saudi Royal family, helped support the 9/11 attack and the fact that the Saudi terrorists who perpetrated the attack, were allowed to fly in from Saudi Arabia, despite known terrorist activities &/or ties.

Kerry further omits his knowledge of the 28 redacted pages, from a 16-year-old US congressional report’s, having been withheld from US citizens by both the Obama and Bush regimes, in order to protect the Saudi family.

Kerry went on to slam Trump even further in stating “So I think that everything that we’ve lived and learn tells us that we will never come out on top if we accept advice from sound-bite salesmen and carnival barkers who pretend the most powerful country on Earth can remain great by looking inward,” Kerry added. “And hiding behind walls at a time that technology has made that impossible to do and unwise to even attempt.”


Kerry, along with most members of the Obama regime and the regressive Democrat party, has been trying to revision US history to deny America’s economic prowess & wealth prior to the first globalist inspired trade agreement known as NAFTA, which has succeeded in segmentally de-industrializing America.

Kerry insisted that “the future demands of us something more than the Nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist, in any case.”

Kerry was, in fact, referring to Trump’s promise of a return to the wealth and US influence of the Reagan eighties, and an agenda “To Make America Great Again” which saw the worldwide spread of America-inspired democracy and liberty-based independence, that brought down the communist regime of the Soviet Union, while fueling a worldwide increase in wealth, unparalleled in US history.

Both the Democrat Party and many within the modern-day Federal government are, in fact, not at all about keeping within these American traditions in our constitutional capitalist history.

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