Wikileaks: CIA ‘Archimedes’ Tool Used by Deep State to Infiltrate Computers

Vault 7 update reveals more CIA surveillance tools. —>

Wikipeaks updated its Vault 7 release on 5/5 with new intelligence on “Achimedes,” another tool used by the Central Intelligence Agency to attack computers by infiltrating them and extracting information through a local area network.

The CIA apparatus utilizes the network to share viruses across several computers and reroute traffic on a LAN connection to a separate server monitored by the CIA.

Wikileaks explains the following in its report:

“The document illustrates a type of attack within a ‘protected environment’ as the the tool is deployed into an existing local network abusing existing machines to bring targeted computers under control and allowing further exploitation and abuse.”

The previous Vault 7 release proved elements of the deep state can misdirect attribution for a cyberattack by leaving behind “fingerprints” of a foreign aggressor, “smart” TVs and phones can be monitored and vehicles can be hijacked to carry out stealth assassinations.

Read the full document for yourself here.


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