Refugee Admissions Drop to Lowest Rate in Four Years, Migrant Resettlement Organizations on the Brink of Collapse

USA Today analysis reveals plummeting refugee resettlement rate. —>


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The United States admitted the lowest number of  Islamic “refugees” since 2013 and the overall resettlement rate has plummeted in 2017 according to a USA Today analysis published on 5/4.

Kay Bellor of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which is struggling to stay afloat in Trump’s America, responded to the news in an interview with USA Today by whining about the “statements” made by the Trump administration on “refugees.”

“It’s language I’ve never heard used with refugees, who have always enjoyed bipartisan support because they’re the best part of what the U.S. does,” Bellor said.

The immigration service worker is apparently unaware of the fact 1 in 7 Syrian “refugees” are sympathetic towards ISIS, Islamic migrants sparked Europe’s current rape epidemic, ISIS admitted in its own manifesto that the group plans on exploiting open borders to invade the West and France is in a state of emergency due to a plethora of attacks by infiltrating jihadists.

USA Today confirmed that no matter how the courts ultimately handle Trump’s Islamic migrant ban, the president can still drastically lower the refugee resettlement rate.

Even though Trump’s executive orders have been blocked by leftist judges who rule based on “feelings” rather than the letter of the law, the State Department is slowing down refugee applications tremendously as it anticipates the president will soon set his own cap on migrant admittances.  Trump’s cap will be, presumably, a VERY low number consisting mostly of Christans.

Danielle Drake, a “community relations manager” for pro-refugee group US Together (which resettles migrants in Ohio) revealed that the organization placed “not one person” in March 2017.

Additionally, the US Together budget recently collapsed leading to a layoff of half its staff. Bellor’s Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s local affiliates and Church World Service also saw a budget collapse this year.

The workers laid off by these organizations don’t actually guide “refugees” or teach them anything, they simply negotiate with landlords to rent apartments.

Although mentally enslaved leftists love the idea of Islamic radicals overrunning the West and turning it into a haven for rapists and criminals, President Trump’s hardline stance on immigration will protect America from being invaded by the same jihadists who’ve turned Sweden into an Islamic hell hole.

They have to go back.

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