Rand Paul Requests Info on Whether He Was Surveilled by Obama Administration

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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tweeted Friday that he was formally requesting information from the White House on whether the intelligence community or the Obama administration illegally spied on him prior to the election.

The request came at the height of a deep state controversy surrounding ex-President Obama’s use of dragnet surveillance programs to spy on his political opposition.

President Trump in a March 4 tweet accused the Obama administration of wiretapping Trump tower, a claim that is not without merit. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes subsequently revealed Trump transition officials had been spied on illegally last November.

In a recent CBS interview, Trump said the surveillance scandal was one reason why his relationship with the former president soured following his inauguration.

“He was very nice to me but after that we’ve had some difficulties,” Trump said. “It doesn’t matter. Words are less important to me than deeds and you saw what happened with surveillance and everyone saw what happened with surveillance.”

Paul preceded his request for intelligence from the White House with a question on whether or not the previous administration surveilled presidential candidates, members of Congress and even federal judges.

The Kentucky senator has obviously had enough of the illegal spying and corruption prevalent in Washington.

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