Trump and Putin Vow to Take on Syria, North Korea Together

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Benjamin Knight editor’s note:

This is great news for those who have been worried that President Trump is reneging on his promise to work together with Russia.  His original foreign policy promise before the election was to improve US-Russian relations.  Following Trump’s decision to strike Syria after a chemical weapons attack, however, critics within his base have suggested that the president changed his mind on Vladimir Putin due to the overwhelming influence of globalists in his cabinet.

It appears Trump is now going back to his original plan, a non-aggression pact with Russia and a focus on tackling America’s real geopolitical foes.

President Trump and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin will work together to end the Syrian civil war and stop the suffering in the battle-scarred country, the White House said Tuesday.

The pair spoke by phone in their first known conversation since the US missile strikes on a Syrian air base that sparked new tensions between Washington and Moscow, and the White House said the pair agreed that the suffering in Syria had gone on long enough.


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