Does the Bible Command Absolute Submission to Government No Matter What?

Romans 13 explained. —>

In the video posted above, We the Vigilant reporter Benjamin Knight explains the context of Romans 13 and what it says about submission to government.

Some mainstream establishment Christian pastors claim that this passage teaches believers to obey government no matter what, even if they live under an anti-God Communist regime.  Is that what it really says?

Watch Knight’s report for his interpretation of this commonly misunderstood scripture.

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  • Mr. Knight, It’s good that you published this information of Romans 13. You’re right, there are way to many “Christian” ministry’s (including Rome’s pope and priests) that are pushing a NWO Agenda. I believe there are many Jesuits preaching in the ‘protestant’ denominations. They’re allowed to lie and deceive to promote their agenda; just like the Muslim religion.