Report: Berkeley Riot Organizers Linked to Pro-Pedophilia Group

Daily Caller report links leftist protest organizers with pedophilia group NABLA. —>


The leftist social justice warriors who organized riots at Berkeley to “protest” Conservative speakers such as Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos have ties to pro-pedophilia organizations according to a 4/28 report from The Daily Caller.

The group in question is the “Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary” organization (BAMN) which is at war with President Trump and his supporters. The group planned aggressive action in order silence Conservative personality Ann Coulter and prevent her from speaking at Berkeley.

An organization affiliated with BAMN, which is referenced as their “parent organization” in The Daily Caller’s article, has been linked with the North American Man/Boy Love Association – a degenerate pro-pedophilia group of reprobate mentally ill weirdos who advocate for sexual relationships with children.

BAMN’s parent organization reportedly worked directly with NAMBLA, and a member of that parent group described the pro-pedophilia club as the victim of a “witch-hunt.”

BAMN, which did not return a phone call and voicemail seeking comment, was founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, a small, Detroit-based Marxist organization. Many of BAMN’s leading members over the years have also been RWL members.

“The Revolutionary Workers League is a Trotskyist organization of which I’m a member,” Luke Massie, one of BAMN’s founders told the Michigan Daily in 2001. “We are proud to have played a part in a whole lot of struggles and to have played a role in the founding of BAMN.”

An anonymous group of researchers provided TheDC with copies of internal NAMBLA publications from the 1990’s. The internet sleuths requested anonymity, citing fear of retaliation by BAMN members, and asked instead to be collectively referred to as, “The shadowy and/or mysterious organization known as Antifaleaks.” The Daily Caller

Leftist protesters have made it their mission to shut down dissenting speech (commonly right-wing/Libertarian speech) on college campuses to shut down the First Amendment and protect their Marxist ideology from the challenge of a structured debate.

Evidently, they’re willing to work with pedophile-linked groups to achieve that task.

Read The Daily Caller’s full report here.

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