Ivanka Trump Contradicts White House Policy on Refugees, Says Open Borders Should Be “Part of the Discussion”

Did we vote for Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump?  Why is she contradicting her father’s refugee policy? —>


Ivanka Trump openly contradicted her father’s refugee policy in an interview with NBC’s TODAY Show on 4/26.

When asked about the Syrian crisis, Ivanka said it was a “global humanitarin crisis” and “we have to come together and we have to solve it.”

Interviewer Hallie Jackson then asked if “opening the borders to Syrian refugees” would be an adequate solution.  Trump responded by claiming that open borders “has to be part of the discussion, but that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.”

Watch the interview for yourself below:

Did we vote for President Ivanka Trump or President Donald Trump? Why is Ivanka contradicting the stated White House policy on refugees?

Perhaps Ivanka should educate herself on the migrant crisis before promoting globalist policies. A shocking number of Syrian “refugees” have sympathies towards ISIS, 70% of them are young men and many of them have a proclivity to rape and commit crimes.

It’s clear that the growing influence of the president’s daughter could threaten the populist, Trumpian “America first” agenda.

Ivanka’s latest comments indicate she is a left-wing globalist who is trying to change her father’s political worldview.  The TODAY interview didn’t receive positive reviews from Trump supporters on Twitter:

The Hill revealed that Ivanka, who has been meeting with Germany’s Angela Merkel, agrees with the chancellor on many issues.

The first daughter also wrote an op-ed with the president of the World Bank to promote the “economic empowerment of women” and the discredited “gender pay gap” myth:

Ivanka Trump said Wednesday she does not believe German Chancellor Angela Merkel is “using” her relationship with President Trump’s daughter to influence the president.

“I don’t think that she is using the relationship,” Ivanka Trump, a special White House counselor, said on NBC’s “Today” show.

The first daughter said while her father has a great relationship with Merkel, the chancellor agrees with her on many issues.

“I think that she sees me as a woman who is aligned with her on many issues, I think she has a great relationship with my father,” she said.

Ivanka Trump’s comments follow reports said Merkel decided to foster her relationship with the first daughter so she could have a direct line to the Trump administration.

Ivanka Trump traveled to Berlin, Germany on Tuesday to participate in a women’s panel discussion at the invitation of the German chancellor.

Ivanka Trump joined Merkel to discuss women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship at the W-20 summit, where the first daughter ended up facing a tough crowd that booed when she said her father is a “tremendous champion of supporting families.”

Ivanka Trump co-authored an op-ed with the president of the World Bank on Monday, calling on the global community to improve its economic empowerment of women. She also said the estimated 170-year timeframe to achieve gender pay equality “is unacceptable.”

The president said earlier this month that he has good chemistry with the German chancellor. The Hill

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  1. She was simply addressing her father’s policy in regard to the “opening” of our borders to Syrian refugees which must be taken into serious debate and discussion…She did not advocate the “opening” our borders to Syrian refugees.

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