The Maverick Podcast #90: Modern Liberalism is Communism (w/ Special Guest Barry Secrest)

Podcast on the influence of Marxist ideology in modern day liberalism, plus news on another terror attack in France, Syria, North Korea and more. —>

This week on The Maverick Podcast, host Benjamin Knight opens the show by connecting modern liberalism to tenants of the Communist Manifesto. He’ll also respond to an article written on Medium asserting that what we know about North Korea is “racist nonsense.”

In the second half of the show, Conservative Refocus founder Barry Secrest joins the podcast for a discussion on the Syrian conflict and North Korea, Bill O’Reilly getting ousted from Fox News, the invasion of Marxist ideology in the public sphere and the latest terror attack in France just days before their presidential election.

It’s a SUPER HIGH ENERGY edition of the show, listen to it below!

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