Report: Julian Assange Could Go To Jail

Whistleblower responsible for revealing truth about the Clintons in trouble. —>


Benjamin Knight’s note:

It is mind boggling that we live in a society purporting to be free, yet whistleblowers are vilified for exposing government corruption.  Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is a figure who should be revered for using his organization to do what the corporate globalist media refuses to do, hold the political establishment accountable.

Wikileaks published a series of revelations prior to the election exposing the Clinton crime family as well as puppet politicians and members of the fake news media.  If it weren’t for him, Donald Trump might not be president.

I like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but if he pursues this case he will be making a huge mistake that will greatly diminish his standing with many of President Trump’s most arduous supporters.  Assange deserves freedom, not incarceration.  One would think Sessions would understand this given everything Wikileaks revealed about the Clintons.

We live in a world where the messengers of truth get destroyed while actual criminals roam free.  Disgusting!

(The Hill) The United States is preparing charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, CNN reported Thursday.

U.S. officials familiar with the matter told CNN that prosecutors have found a way to move forward, after struggling to determine whether the First Amended protected Assange from prosecution.

The Justice Department’s investigation of WikiLeaks can be traced back to 2010, after thousands of U.S. government files stolen by former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning appeared on the website.

According to CNN, former President Obama’s Justice Department decided not to pursue charges against Assange because other mainstream publications also decided to publish the documents.



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