Leftist Moron Says American Intel on North Korea is “Racist Nonsense”

Sycophantic “liberal” lunatic claims Pyongyang is “not crazy,” sides with North Korea over America. —>


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Leftist lunatic Andrew Dobbs of Medium published an editorial on 4/18 slamming all opposition to the Kim-Jong dynasty’s fascist regime, asserting that what we know about North Korea is “racist nonsense.”

Dobbs claimed that “Western propaganda” and “racist yellow peril” is to blame for the “irrational fears” of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), a communist hell hole where thought criminals and the next three generations of their family are thrown into political concentration camps where they’re tortured to death.

In his editorial, the dumb leftist also claimed that “long-standing stereotypes” of East Asia serve to “dehumanize” North Koreans in order to justify military aggression against them. Oddly enough, the author of this idiotic trope never once mentioned the fact South Korea is often revered by the West – is that racist too?

Of course, Dobbs omitted facts gathered from the real testimonies of North Korean escapees who’ve revealed their stories about the ruthless Kim Jong regime, which enslaves its citizens, brainwashes them, forces them to worship the state as a god and controls every aspect of their lives. Those who criticize the government or attempt to leave the country are sent to prison where they are beaten, starved and forced into a life of hard labor until death.

The DPRK has been starving its citizens for 20 years in order to afford nuclear weapons designed only to protect the power of its fascist regime.  The “Hermit Kingdom” is littered with concentration camps, which use Nazi-style torture on the prison population.

According to Medium’s moronic author, however, asserting that life in the DPRK matches the testimonies of North Korean escapees is somehow “racist.”

Western propaganda draws from a deep well of racist “yellow peril” prejudice to stoke irrational fears against this tiny, poor, isolated country, and it amplifies this paranoia with long-standing stereotypes of East Asian “oddity” to dehumanize North Koreans and justify U.S. aggression against them.


U.S. propaganda can dismiss North Korea’s legitimate concerns so easily because of the underlying racist assumption that these are a bizarre and simple-minded people that believe in things like unicorns. This feeds off of and into orientalist logic that sees East Asians as a nearly subhuman “other” that can’t be reasoned with and so must be handled with force.  Medium

The left’s obsession with turning everything into a race issue has, at this point, gone way too far. The fact social justice sociopaths are actually siding with communist pieces of filth over the United States and its allies is proof they fundamentally hate anything related to Western civilization.

Dobbs’ editorial was nothing more than nonsensical leftist word salad aimed at demonizing those who oppose North Korea’s murderous dictatorship.

Here’s an idea for dumb “liberals” who think communism is cool, take a trip to North Korea. Go there, right now. The second you commit a thought crime, don’t cry to mommy to save you from their forced labor camp.

Maybe then you’ll finally appreciate your privileged life in the West.

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