Documentary: Escaping North Korea

Watch as North Korean fugitives escape communist hell hole. —>


The following 2009 documentary exposes what it’s like for North Korean fugitives to try and escape a communist prison-state led by the sociopathic, megalomaniacal Kim Jong dynasty.

Watch as North Korean escapees traverse through China (where they run the risk of getting caught by Chinese authorities and sent back to the “DPRK” for imprisonment and certain death), and into other East Asian countries to eventually fly into South Korea for asylum.

The journey requires a trek through the harshest jungles in Asia along with extreme discretion and unlimited mental and physical stamina.

Find out if they make it alive, watch the documentary for yourself below and share it with any “liberal” who doesn’t appreciate Western civilization.

While leftists are crying in safe spaces because someone disagreed with them on Facebook,┬ápeople in the far east are flirting with death to reach an actual safe place where they won’t be thrown into a prison camp for criticizing the government.




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