Proof: Trump Did NOT Flip Flop on Labeling China a “Currency Manipulator”

China behaves, Trump dials back rhetoric. —>


The corporate media (and even some alternative media outlets) have claimed that President Trump broke a campaign promise by deciding against labeling China a “currency manipulator” in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

This was not a “flip flop.”

Bloomberg Market’s chart on currency valuation shows (if you switch to a five year view) that China has stabilized the Yuan ever since Trump took office.

In other words, they’re behaving – why would the president derail supremely important negotiations over North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons arsenal to target the Chinese for doing something they aren’t even doing?

5 year view:

five years

1 year view:

1 year

China is clearly playing nice right now.

The recent rise in value of the U.S. dollar could be the primary reason for China’s inaction with regard to their currency.  However, it’s inevitable that the Yuan will likely rise again, and it will be interesting to see if the Chinese continue on the current path with President Trump watching over them – ready to revert to his pre-election rhetoric at any time.

Everyone should hold the president accountable to make sure he fulfills his many campaign promises, but it’s unfair to criticize the Trump administration for its diplomatic measures.  Until the Chinese misbehave, there’s no reason to be unnecessarily aggressive.

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