The Maverick #89: China Turns on North Korea? Trump Foreign Policy Analysis w/ Navy Veteran “The Amendment Avenger”

Podcast talking Syrian crisis, whether or not Trump sold out to the deep state and what must be done about the North Korean dictatorship. —>


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It’s time for another edition of We the Vigilant’s official podcast: “The Maverick.”  This week, host Benjamin Knight opens the first 20 minutes of the show by revealing whether or not he jumped off the Trump train after the president’s changing rhetoric on the Syrian crisis.  Knight will also cover the latest on Trump’s intention to invade Syria, Attorney General Jeff Sessions laying down the law on immigration, traitor John McCain working with Democrats to cut funding for Trump’s proposed border wall and more.

In segment two – “The Amendment Avenger” from and The Radio Show Earth joins the show to reveal his thoughts on Trump’s Syria strikes and whether or not he still supports the president.  Knight and “Double A” will also cover the latest on China possibly turning against North Korea, the atrocities of the North Korean regime you won’t hear about on mainstream news, Kim Jong-Un’s prison state, the dangers of the Council on Foreign Relations and what Trump must do about the deep state intelligence community.


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