The Government Is $20 Trillion In DEBT (& How It Impacts Us)

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(Robert Kiyosaki) We all know lots of people get themselves into debt. But individuals have nothing on the government when it comes to managing money BADLY. Right now the government is in debt to the tune of $20 TRILLION. That’s 20 followed by 12 zeroes. Most people can’t even imagine how much that really is.

CNN explained it this way: If a person spent $1 Million every single day since Jesus was born, they still would not have spent $1 Trillion. Our government’s debt is 20x that! Almost half ($9.3 Trillion) was added during the Obama administration.

If we divided today’s total national debt by the U.S. population:
– Each Man
– Each Woman
– And Each Child
…Owes $61,300.

(If we only count TAXPAYERS, that bill balloons to $167,000 per person!)

How did this happen?

Well, as I wrote in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” most people THINK that politicians are the best educated people in any society. Yet there’s a reason countries end up with such massive debt: those in government have little or no financial intelligence.

Then we give them a pile of someone else’s money to spend (OURS and our children’s).

What could go wrong?

Their only solution to problems?

Borrow or tax even more.

It’s only a matter of time before the economy collapses under the weight of this staggering debt.

So the question becomes, what can we do to protect ourselves and our money?

Answer: Create our own economy and our own wealth.

My young friend Fred Lam did it from a laptop on his kitchen table. He’s made millions starting with $100. And now he’s teaching others how to do the same.

A few years ago, one of Fred’s friends told him about his business selling products online, sourced from places like China.

Within months, Fred had jumped on this idea and made $4.6 Million!

He was able to do it all with:
– No Inventory
– No Staff
– No Office
– No Warehouse

Best of all, it’s a business that doesn’t depend on the economy. It doesn’t matter where a person lives or what country they’re from.

And Fred was smarter than the government, because this business didn’t require him to go into ANY debt. The business just keeps making money, and can be duplicated over and over again, by anyone.

(Interested? I would be.)

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Don’t be at the mercy of the inept, money-hemorrhaging government. Here’s a chance for each of us to get rich by creating our own economy. (I’ll bet we can make ours work better than they have.)

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