President Trump Must Stick to “America First” Promise

Trump will lose his base if he abandons promise to always put America first. —>


We the Vigilant editor’s note:

The following post is from “Libertas” of RooshVForum, who articulately explains that a majority of Trump’s supporters will abandon ship and oppose the president if he fails to deliver on his opposition to the “false song” of globalism.  It comes down to one issue – the Trump administration must adhere to “America first” principles.  This is why the people chose him to lead. 

Globalism is failing in the West because the general public is tired of unchecked immigration, trade deals that loot the job market and endless military interventionism that accomplishes nothing.  

In response, the people elected President Trump to put AMERICA FIRST.  If he wants to go down in history as one of the all-time greats, he must never abandon his nationalistic worldview.

(Libertas) There were three primary reasons, the three overarching themes (not just single issues) why people stood in line past midnight to go to Trump’s rallies and vote. There were three reasons for the meme magic squad too.

1. Immigration reduction.
2. Trade reform/bringing back jobs, manufacturing in particular.
3. No more stupid wars.

In a few words, “America first.”

Maybe throw in a fourth for the supreme court.

Hence the visceral, aghast reaction to the strikes in Syria was entirely justified (despite my wish that the response here was a bit more measured and less doom and gloom). It was good that people voiced their opposition very loudly. That was a core campaign promise.

As long as Trump keeps to those themes, we’re cool. If he doesn’t, then I’ll oppose with all powers I can muster, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just sit out. I have other things going on.

If you’re going to nitpick every single thing, you are inevitably going to be disappointed at some point. The very structure of a democratic republic guarantees some campaign promises can’t or won’t be fulfilled, whether because of expediency in negotiations or the sheer force of inertia. No one gets everything they want.

But if he goes back on those three core things, then you get ready for a fight. And going back means a substantive action. Not a talk or a speculation about it.

If people would adhere to this rational basis test of sorts, good thought will drown out bad.

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