Paul Joseph Watson: Trump Works For Us, We Should Hold Him Accountable

You elected Trump to work for you. He is not a cult leader. He works for you. —>


(Paul Joseph Watson) The reaction to me criticizing Trump for going back on some of his campaign promises shouldn’t be sticking your fingers in your ears and screeching “fake news!” “I trust my President!” “4D chess!” “I will slavishly follow Trump without question!”

The reaction should be; ‘Why is a guy who invested a year of his life getting Trump elected now starting to have major concerns?’

I am not CNN. I despise CNN. I despise the left. I have vigorously defended Trump against unfair attacks & will continue to do so.

America is not North Korea. Trump is not Kim Jong-un. It is OK to criticize “dear leader”.

You elected Trump to work for you. He is not a cult leader. He works for you.

Unthinking positivity, leaving your brain at the door & mindlessly nodding along like sheep to everything Trump says and does even if it directly contradicts his campaign promises does not make you patriotic, it makes you dumb.

We all worked so hard to get Trump in office, now let’s keep working together to make sure he follows through on his promises & advise him when we think he is being led astray.

Trump is great. I love Trump. I still have hope Trump will make America great again. But he is only human and is under the intense pressure that all presidents are subjected to by the deep state and the Washington establishment.

Remember; Intellectual intolerance is a characteristic of the left. We are better than that.