Suspected Stockholm Killer is Rejected Asylum Seeker

Failed asylum seeker a psychotic killer. --->

truck attack

Wikipedia commons

We the Vigilant Editor’s note: 

This is yet another reason why the Muslim migrant crisis presents a very real national security threat to Western civilization.  Islam is primarily a conquest religion, the goal of Islamic “refugees” is to infiltrate Europe and advance their caliphate.  

Migrants have been responsible for the rape epidemic that has swept nations like France, Sweden and Germany.  They aren’t “asylum seekers,” they’re terrorists.  

(West Monster) The man suspected of murdering 4 people in Stockholm, including 1 Brit, is a failed asylum seeker who was to be deported.

This looks to be exactly the same situation as the Islamic extremist who was free to murder in Berlin after having his asylum application rejected. The authorities failed to deport him too.


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