Trump Blames Assad For Chemical Weapons Attack, Changes Foreign Policy Approach

Trump wrongfully blames Assad for sarin attack. —> 

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President Trump blamed Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad for a sarin chemical weapons attack that likely had nothing to do with the Assad regime on Wednesday, in what can only be described as a foreign policy flip flop that will leave many Trump supporters scratching their heads.

Trump stated at a press conference that the images out of Syria following the attack “crosses many lines, beyond a read line, many many lines.”

“It’s very, very possible, and I will tell you it has already happened, that my attitude toward Syria and Assad, has changed very much,” the president said while standing next to King Abdullah of Jordan.

It was just last week that a Trump spokesperson reiterated the president’s intention to leave Syria alone.  The current administration, contrary to what Hillary Clinton would have done, did not intend to pursue yet another nation building mission in the Middle East.

Ousting Assad would result in an Iraq war on steroids.  Russia is a Syrian ally, it controls natural gas/oil pipelines in the region currently supplying Europe with energy.  A war with Syria is a nuclear war with Russia.

Neocon globalists have been trying desperately to overthrow Assad to regain control of Syria’s energy output, cripple Russia’s economy and perpetuate the petrodollar monopoly.

Trump campaigned on ending the same useless foreign military interventionist policies that led to the devastating Iraq war and failed regime change missions in Egypt and Libya.

A 180 degree turn by the president on his Mid East policy could signal that his administration has been totally hijacked by the deep state.

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