‘The Maverick’ Podcast #88: World in Crisis! The Truth About the Syrian Chemical Attack w/ James Jax

Podcast covering the Susan Rice controversy, Syrian chemical attack and more. —>


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This week on “The Maverick” Podcast, host Benjamin Knight covers the TRUTH about the Syrian civil war and the chemical weapons attack that occurred on 4/4.  Knight will also respond to President Trump immediately blaming the Assad regime for the incident and flip flopping his foreign policy position on the Syrian crisis.

In the second half of the show, James Jax joins the broadcast for more discussion on the Syrian civil war and the nuclear threat out of North Korea.  Then, Knight and Jax cover the Susan Rice controversy and the fact Trump has been vindicated on his wiretap claims.  They also cover the latest on RFID chips being used on employees in Sweden.

Listen now for the truth the elites don’t want you to know!

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