Lebanese Journalist: Anti-Assad Reporter Tweeted About Chemical Weapons Attack 24 Hours Before it Happened

Lebanese journalist blows the whistle on apparent false flag. —>


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Independent Lebanese writer, geopolitical analyist and commentator Sarah Abdallah, who has been exposing the Syrian chemical weapons false flag, revealed that an anti-Assad “reporter” tweeted about the sarin attack 24 hours before it happened.

This is the latest piece of evidence suggesting the chemical weapons incident was a false flag being exploited to spark yet another Mid East conflict, this time with a Russian ally.

Donald Trump announced in a press conference on 4/5 that his views on the Assad regime changed after seeing images out of Syria, suggesting that military escalation was not off the table.  The president campaigned on a non-interventionist stance regarding the Syrian conflict.

A George Soros-linked group may have been responsible for the attack according to a report from Infowars.com’s Mimi Al-Laham.

White Helmets, a Soros-funded al-Qaeda affiliated “rebel” group, filmed most of the footage seen out of Syria.

Several children appear in the videos suffocating from an unknown chemical substance, while others appear to have unexplained head injuries. It is known 250 people were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda last week from the nearby city of Hama, which is the same number as the current body count of wounded and killed civilians.

In another “coincidence,” a Pakistani British doctor who at the time of the attack was taking interview requests instead of helping the injured who were flooding in, and additionally received gas masks from a British organization three days prior to the attack. (Infowars)

There is no proof the Assad regime was responsible for killing its own civilians. What strategic or tactical advantage does that give them for a war they’re already winning?

Answer: None.  The official narrative MAKES NO SENSE, unless you’re a neocon pushing for World War 3.

It’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton approved the transfer of sarin gas to “moderate” rebels in Syria for the sole purpose of framing Assad.  The elites will stop at nothing to stoke another version of the Iraq war.

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  1. More than likely there is also the Turkish connection to consider…Sarin gas is known to have been manufactured in Turkey and given to the rebels to use at their convenience thus appearing that Assad is responsible for the chemical attack on the Syrian populace…Does anyone actually believe what we are told is going on over there…Hell…Our own president can’t find out any thing from any of our intelligence services to include our own FBI…Who can believe anything put into print now days by the liberal national news media…every thing they print is “fake” news or as supplied by leakers inside these same intelligence agencies…Who’s the real enemy here?

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