ISIS Celebrates Russian Subway Attack

ISIS celebrates attack but doesn’t claim responsibility (yet) 


Courtesy Times of India

ISIS celebrated the explosions at a subway train station in St. Petersburg today that took the lives of 10 people while injuring 50 more, The UK Independent reported.

Additionally, Muslims (who are supposedly  “moderate”) celebrated online by flooding Al Jazeera’s Arabic Facebook page with positive reactions.

Nail bombs placed in the St. Petersburg subway system produced the explosions, which killed 10 people including children.  Three stations around the area were subsequently closed for precautionary reasons.

The Independent’s report stated that ISIS has been stoking support for a strike in Moscow likely due to Putin backing Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, an enemy of the Islamic State. A poster circulated just days before the attack featured bullet holes in Putin’s head with a message reading “We Will Burn Russia.”

The attack is another reminder of the ongoing threat posed by rogue ISIS fighters who have been armed and funded as a result of ex-President Obama’s meddling in the Middle East.



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  1. I don’t always applaud ISIS, when when I do, I prefer they attack Russia.

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