Flashback: Huma Emails Reveal Clinton State Department Plan to Manipulate Press Coverage

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We the Vigilant Editor’s Note:

We often refer to outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post as “fake news.”  This article, published in October 2016 by iBankCoin, is yet another example of why the moniker perfectly fits globalist media juggernauts.  They are beholden to the political class, they are nothing more than special interest groups:

(iBankCoin) Recently released Huma Abedin State Department emails – acquired by Judicial Watch via FOIA request, reveal Clinton State Department staff planning to summon New York Times reporter David Brooks for an “OTR” (off the record) conversation over a “shot” he took at Hillary in a Feburary 2010 article. This isn’t the first time we’ve learned of the Democrat apparatus wrapping their tentacles around the MSM, and it’s the second time in weeks Judicial Watch has delivered a bombshell. They’re doing good work.

In summary; Hillary Clinton – code named “Evergreen,” fired off an email on February 9th, 2010 to advisors Philippe Reines and Jake Sullivan regarding an article written by NYT’s David Brooks (links added):

From: Evergreen

To: PIR (Philippe Reines), Jake Sullivan

Subject: David Brooks

“Took a shot at me in his column today. Any ideas what prompted it?”

To which senior advisor Philippe Reines responds:

“Not sure – but this is a good excuse to bring him in for an OTR [off the record] with you. Lona mentioned you wanted to see [NYT Journalist] Tom Friedman – with your ok, we could schedule both (separately) over the next month or so.

I’d very much like to get back in the habit of bringing someone or a small group in every few weeks”


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