The Maverick Podcast #87: Is America on The Brink of Collapse?

Podcast talking potential for economic collapse and civil unrest, Trump vindication on wiretap claims and more. —>


This week on ‘The Maverick’ Podcast, host Benjamin Knight is joined by monthly contributor Sustainable Life Mark for a discussion on the following:

  • Is America on the brink of collapse?  Breaking news on the future of global financial markets.  How the elites could tank the economy.
  • Criticisms of the Trump administration.  It’s no secret ‘The Maverick’ Podcast has supported Trump from the very beginning, but the president isn’t perfect.  Listen for thoughts on what he could be doing better.
  • The potential for civil war.  We live in a divided nation, what can we do about it?
  • Trump vs the Deep State.  Further proof the president was right about his wiretap claim.  

Listen below!




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