21-Year-Old Sentenced to Death For ‘Insulting Islam’ on Messaging App

Iran punishes 21-year-old with death penalty for messages sent on cell phone app. —>


Islamic radicals in Iran sentenced 21-year-old Sina Dehghan for “insulting the prophet” of Islam through a messaging app, The Daily Mail reported on 3/30

Dehghan was arrested at age 19 by Iranian revolutionary guard members in Tehran in 2015.

A source told the Center for Human Rights in Iran that Sina was fooled into admitting guilt.  He was told his “crime” would be expunged forever if he “signed a confession and repented.” After doing so, Dehghan was subsequently sentenced to death.

The Daily Mail article stated “the content of Dehghan’s messages is unknown.”

It’s worth noting that Islamic theology enshrined in the oppressive edicts of Shariah Law is, at its core, anti-ethical to the US Constitution. Yet, leftists are seemingly unabated in their obsession with forced multiculturalism and open-door migrant policies that would invite millions of Muslim migrants into the West.

The Daily Wire reported that Dehghan’s co-defendents Sahar Eliasi and Mohammad Nouri were both charged for a similar crime. Nouri was sentenced to death for “insulting” the false prophet Muhammad while Elias got away with three years in prison.

According to Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, insulting the prophet is punishable by death.

Dehghan’s co-defendents, Sahar Eliasi and Mohammad Nouri, were also charged and convicted for similar offenses. Elias was sentenced to seven years in prison, but successfully cut down his punishment to three years after going through an appeals court process. Nouri was less lucky. He was sentenced to death for insulting the prophet. International monitors and human rights groups have yet to receive information about the Supreme Court’s ruling on his fate.  The Daily Wire


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