Video: Trailer For Upcoming Roger Stone Netflix Documentary

Trailer for documentary on Trump confidant and champion against globalism. —>

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Without Roger Stone there would be no President Donald Trump.  It’s that simple.

Watch the trailer below for the upcoming documentary on Stone and his role in the Trump campaign leading up to the most historic election in American history.  The patriot champion against globalism teamed up with’s Alex Jones to help push the eventual 45th POTUS to victory on November 8.

In the trailer, Stone reveals that he basks in the hatred his brand receives because it proves his work is making an impact.  He explains that he saw presidential potential in Trump decades ago, and he has since been urging the billionaire mogul to run.

It was a matter of right place, right time, and the 2016 election cycle was the perfect environment for a Trumpian candidate.

Watch the trailer below, and catch the full documentary on Netflix on May 12:

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