“The Maverick” Podcast #86: Defeating Globalism w/ 990WBOB Host Kevin Laprade

Host of “Demand the Truth” on 990WBOB joins Ben Knight to discuss North Korea nuclear threat, Death of Rockefeller and more. —>

This week on “The Maverick” Podcast, host Benjamin Knight opens the first 15 minutes of the show by covering the latest breaking news on the following:

  • A European Union commissioner is claiming the globalist cabal can force member states to relocate Muslim “refugees.”
  • President Trump has been vindicated again, the AP reported that Trump tower was “monitored” prior to the election.
  • Trump-Russia allegations continue to intensify.
  • Neil Gorsuch smacks down “sexism” allegations from a Democrat senator.

Then, co-host of “Demand the Truth” on 990WBOB Kevin Laprade joins the show to discuss:

  • North Korea threatening to start a nuclear war with America.  
  • What the Trump administration is doing wrong.
  • Laprade’s experience at the “Deploraball” in January.
  • The London terror attack.
  • The massive debt bubble that will trigger economic calamity. 
  • What must be done about The Federal Reserve system.
  • The death of David Rockefeller.


And much more!  Listen below:

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