Absolute Proof Donald Trump Was Wiretapped

Wiretap claims corroborated by NSA documents. ---> 



Leftist media outlets have lambasted President Trump for asserting that he was wiretapped by the Obama-led Central Intelligence Agency prior to the election.

However,’s Jerome Corsi published a 3/20 article featuring credible information from sources within law enforcement proving the NSA engaged in illegal spying on various US citizens, including the president and even Infowars founder Alex Jones.  Trump’s allegations are not without merit.

The spy database came from Michael Zullo, a former commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse 2006 investigative group. It is part of the NSA’s illegal dragnet surveillance program.

According to Zullo’s findings, the intelligence community had been monitoring these locations and companies dating back to 2007:

Trump International
1 Central Park, NYC, NY

Trump World Tower
845 United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY
No Date

Trump Tower SAL
108 Central Park, NYC, NY

Trump Palace Co
200 E. 69th Street A, NYC, NY

Trump Entertainment
725 Fifth Ave. FL, NYC, NY

Trump Organization
725 Fifth Ave. BSM, NYC, NY

Trump Palace
725 Fifth Ave., NYC, NY

Mar-a-Lago Club
1100 S. Ocean BL, Palm Beach, FL

Trump International
401 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL

Douglass Limousine
239 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ

Trump International
3505 Summit BLV, West Palm Beach, FL

Flights INC
P.O. Box 196, Hamilton MA

Trump International
1 Central Park, NYC, NY

Trump Hotels
Huron Ave., Atlantic City, NJ
No Date

Trump National
339 Pine Rd, Briarcliff, NY
No Date

Trump Plaza & C
2500 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ

Trump Palace Co.
200 E. 69th St., NYC, NY

Seven Springs
66 Oregon Rd, Mount Kisco, NY

It’s worth noting that the New York Times, the same fake news outlet that quickly dismissed Trump’s wiretap claims, admitted themselves that Trump was wiretapped in an article published on 1/20:

no evidence

Read more about this here.

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1 Comment on Absolute Proof Donald Trump Was Wiretapped

  1. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…who woulda ever believed Obama would have Trumps offices wire tapped…I can understand why he would have German Chancellor Merkle’s office wire tapped…However the question now remains…Will the FBI, the CIA, and the office of US Intelligence Services even admit to it?…Don’t hold your breath that these agencies knew or would divulge they had any inkling of Trumps office’s being wire tapped…I speculate in the interest of National Security or some other governmental bull crap they will deny Trump’s offices were wire tapped (surveillance)…Damn those Russians…can’t they do anything right?


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