“The Maverick” Podcast #85: Stay Vigilant, Stay Watchful w/ Special Guest Scott Haire

Podcast on the Fed possibly crashing the economy to blame Trump, failed comedian John Oliver’s response to Wikileaks, Obamacare replacement plan and more. —>

This week on The Maverick, host Benjamin Knight begins the show with a warning about complacency on the eve of a probable collapse engineered by the private Federal Reserve. Additionally, Knight responds to the John Oliver’s comedic skit on the Wikileaks Vault 7 release in which the British jokester instructs his viewers to “unplug the TV” if they’re worried about dragnet surveillance programs. He also covers a controversial Steve King interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who shamed the Republican congressman for publishing nationlist tweets.

In segment two – Earth Radio contributor Scott Haire joins the show for a discussion on the latest Wikileaks data dump, whether or not the Fed will engineer a collapse to blame President Trump, Hollywood and popular culture glorifying the idea of assassinating the president, the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan and more.

It’s a high energy show as usual so check it out!

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