Steve King is Right About Immigration, Globalism Will Ruin America

Video report from Benjamin Knight explains the truth about Steve King’s “controversial” comments. —>

Rep. Steve King recently triggered perpetually offended “liberals” after publishing a tweet Sunday that read: “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

SJWs have already labeled King’s comment as “overtly racist,” without reason.

Check out Benjamin Knight’s response to the manufactured outrage in a video report posted below. ¬†We the Vigilant’s founder explains why Steve King is absolutely RIGHT about immigration and why he should NOT apologize for his tweet.

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  1. “harpertwo”, I heartedly agree with your points and summation of the matter. As many of us know, Sweden has fallen to the Muslims, whether they be papered aliens or refugees. And as you suggest, the rest of European Rule has permitted them to devastate their countries. This would include Australia too.

    This Islamic ‘religion’ of hate, power, and sacrifice has played out well for the New World Order tacticians. These violent “People of the Book” could not have sustained their ‘terror’; Taliban to ISIS without the financial and material assistance of London, the Vatican, and the United States. Of course, Israel’s position in the entire scenario, from the beginning to the present, has been one of fear. Fear for themselves and fear for the world’s survival. An excellent ploy of psychological duress against all peoples on the planet.

    The Crusades of the 9th century, and on, were for one purpose. To prevent the Ottoman Empire, Muslims, from taking over the known Western world. I don’t believe that they’ve given up on their plan. Basically, it’s the same as saying, ‘The Roman Empire (Vatican) has not belayed their plans for a One World Government & Religion.

    So then, Do we have one Evil Empire (Muslims) trying to takeover the world and one Good Empire (Vatican) trying to do the same? I think not! They’re moving in concert to create the world we live in today and the world of tomorrow. The Vatican Jesuits will not need to be the ‘police force’ of the future. The rounding-up, torture, killings, etc., will most likely be through the Muslim Brotherhood. Is the Muslim Brotherhood akin to the Masonic Freemasons? It seem as though they both have the same ‘final’ fate for most of humanity.

  2. Muslims are and have been boasting in many parts of Europe: “We will take your country without firing a shot, You are having only 2 children, and many no children, while we are having 8 children and with 4 wives we are having 32 children” just do the math. The last time I checked the birth rate for America was 2 children for non-Muslim families while Muslims families are having 8. Canada was the same. These ingrates aren’t contributing anything but demand, demand, take, take, they aren’t about to assimilate they want to create a Hell-Hole like they came from. There is a simple reason why the Middle East is such a Hellish place, it’s called Islam..

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