MAJOR FAIL: Watch Rachel Maddow Flail Explaining Trump Paid Millions in Taxes (VIDEO)

Courtesy of The Gateway Pundit —> 

(The Gateway Pundit) MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow boasted to her millions of Twitter followers that she was releasing Trump’s 1040 tax form from 2005.

Instead of dropping a bombshell that Trump somehow magically doesn’t pay taxes like every liberal believes, she ended up proving he pays millions, $38 million in 2005 to be exact.

Trump Derangement Syndrome makes people do funny things. Thank you Rachel Maddow for trolling liberals better than I ever could have. Thank you for showing the world that Trump does indeed pay his taxes.

Russian conspiracy story coming in 3…2…1..

  • Thank you, Guest, for presenting this information. I don’t follow to many social media sources or the MSM, so information like this for “We the Vigilant” is a great idea.