The Democratic Party is Imploding

Since Nov. 8th, the Democratic party has been sinking like the Titantic. —>

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I’m sure many of us wondered what the Democratic party’s game plan would be in case they lost. How would they evolve in response to a Republican victory in 2016? What would be the “Plan B”?

It turns out, there was no plan B. So assured in their victory, the Democratic party has been nothing but a screaming mess of histrionics, delusions, and paranoias since Trump’s victory.

Not only has the narrative of the Democratic party remained unchanged, of Trump being a secret Russian Hitler agent, but they also hold the EXACT same corporate policies that turned off so many working poor and middle class voters!

Nothing made this more clear than the newly appointed head of the DNC, Tom Perez, a total corporate shill. The outrage amongst progressives is delicious.…lly_taken/…dnc-chair/

All links are full of solid arguments and outrage.

Intuitively, we would imagine that after so many poor decisions the Democratic party should be suffering badly and losing members. Not really standing for anything except “HATE TRUMP,” it’s obvious the Dems are controlled by sycophantic narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths. Rather than grow the party and risk their positions, the average brass of the Democratic party is only interested in keeping a slice of the pie even if it means someone else gets voted out. They are whores to the core, and whores don’t make for good Neighbors.

Our suspicious were confirmed just the other day, when none other than the puffington post unveiled their latest favorability ratings for each party:…nt-you-see

[Image: 20170305_dems_1.jpg]

Since Nov. 8th, the Democratic party has been sinking like the Titantic. Not only are Progressives revolting against party leadership, but the average moderate normie sees the crybaby left who refuses to abide by American traditions and walks away in disgust.

If you were to base your worldview on the media, you’d think that the Trump White House is full of chaos and incompetence, and Trump voters are regretting their decision.

In reality, it’s the exact opposite. The Trump administration is speeding along except when they hit Democratic speed bumps, while the Democratic party is fighting itself over its future and throwing public tantrums and meltdowns causing more and more normies to wake up and walk away. The media has become totally impotent, and less than 75% believe them anymore.

Considering it looks like nothing is going to change anytime soon, it looks like 2018 is going to be another painful election for the Dems.

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