Report: Anti-American George Soros Funded “Day Without a Woman” Protest

Soros gave $246M to feminist groups. ---> 

George Soros, a Nazi collaborator who is responsible for the violent overthrow of a Democratically elected government in Ukraine, is the mastermind behind not only the Post-Trump inauguration women’s march in Washington but also the latest “Day Without a Woman” hissy fit.

Soros has manipulated currencies throughout history for his own personal enrichment by crashing economies and cashing in with timely money movements.  He has financed various leftist causes and groups including Black Lives Matter.  Additionally, he is a globalist bent on establishing a world government.

Read more about his involvement with the feminist cult’s latest “protest” below:

(Fox News) Billionaire George Soros gave $246 million to groups behind Wednesday’s “Day Without a Woman” protest, according to a report by a conservative think tank.

Wednesday is “International Women’s Day,” and schools in at least four states canceled classes so teachers and staff members could participate in “Day Without a Woman” demonstrations.

While movement organizers say the demonstration is meant to spotlight gender inequality, critics say it is intended to protest President Donald Trump. The strike was created by the same organizers of the historic Women’s March on Washington in January, which drew hundreds of thousands in protest of the president.


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Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey and is a freelance writer and citizen journalist who is dedicated to fighting back against radical Marxist "Social Justice Warriors" and globalists. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American. He hosts the website’s flagship podcast, The Maverick, which is uploaded Thursdays right here on

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