Bizarre: “Entertainment Tonight” Leftist Hollywood Gossip Show Follows We the Vigilant on Twitter

Are they watching us? —>


“Entertainment Tonight” is following We the Vigilant founder Benjamin Knight on Twitter.

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The obvious question is, why?  Hollywood is full of a bunch of Satanic filth and we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ while advocating for individual liberty and nationalism worldwide.  Our website has nothing to do with their brand of celebrity gossip junk.

It’s likely that the ET account is run by a bot that follows random people on Twitter hoping for them to follow back.  We just thought it was funny to see them follow a conservative/libertarian account that has nothing to do with their product.

Follow We the Vigilant’s official Twitter yourself HERE!

  • In retrospect, I would suggest Ben Knight’s, “We the Vigilant” web-site may have increased its readership or at least views, due to the twitter ‘message’. Which, of course, Is not a bad thing! Men have their plans, God has his.

  • John Depaoli

    Maybe, hopefully you’ll get to, or have gotten to ’em Ben?